by Two Souls

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"Illusion" was written and recorded fairly lo-fi in a bedroom and was inspired by depression and heartbreak.


released January 17, 2015

Music written and recorded by Demi J. Haynes
Artwork by Demi J. Haynes
Co-Produced by Ron Cavagnaro of The Consolation Project



all rights reserved


Two Souls Saint Louis, Missouri

Two Souls is Demi J. Haynes

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Track Name: Childhood
Grab my hand
We're going back home
To the childhood we've known

I'm done watching you
Wishing you were mine

Grab my hand
We're going back home
To the childhood we've known
We'll sleep in our beds
With clouds over our heads
Track Name: Time Traveller
I laid on that bridge
I laid in your arms
My head was on your chest
And I said goodbye to the galaxy
With you...
Track Name: You're A Drug
I love your touch
I think you're a drug...

I sleep and I dream about you
But I can't hold your hand
If I can't find the strength
I'll see you someday
After you're away

I love your touch
I think you're a drug...
Track Name: Again & Again
I let you
Lean on me
Love can be
So green

Love runs
Runs you through
Again and again
Track Name: Navigator
Spoke to you last night
I was so damn high
I apologize
Ahead of time
And all I want is you
But you say you're through
You're leaving town
My eyes just swing down
I can't believe
You're about to leave me
So I'll just head back home
Where I'll just be alone
Track Name: Calm (For Ron)
The trees bend around me
As I make my way back home
The ice clings to my feet
And my fingers close around my cigarette

And your voice comes to me
Singing so sweetly
All I need is your song
To keep me calm

You're so far away
Believe me, I don't wanna stay here
Track Name: Scream For The Sun
I think of your lips
And my open legs
That feeling in my chest
Wants me to take you upstairs
Where you scream for the sun
Track Name: Winter
Sleepless nights
When you see them
The times I spend alone
Thinking of your face
I lied to you
I'm not alright
I lied to you
I wanna die
Track Name: Dancer
I made love to you
Under an artificial light
But I didn’t want the night to end
You dance for me
You dance for me
Track Name: Vampire
When I saw your face
I knew I was home
I took you in my arms
And I didn’t want to let go
Track Name: Animal
Tell me, what do you see
When you look into that creature’s eyes?

Can we get away from it all?
Call you by no name?
Can we have it all?